6 reasons to visit our soft play cafe


6 Reasons To Visit Our “Soft Play Cafe”


A “soft play cafe” is one of those things that’s exactly what it sounds like – a hybrid of a soft play centre and a cafe! This means that children get to enjoy some play time (and all of the benefits it brings), while the adults get to have a sit down with a drink and a bite to eat. With lots of independent play cafes popping up across the country, we thought that now would be a good time to tell you 6 reasons to pay ours a visit!

play cafe in bristol with good food

1. Our play cafe serves up REAL, locally sourced food

If you’ve visited a traditional soft play centre before, you’ll know that their food and drink options can be basic at best (and at worst? Let’s not even go there…). We’re not saying that soft plays should start offering a Michelin dining experience, but here at WiLD THiNGS we’re passionate about fuelling our children with real food – and we don’t think we’re alone.

Part of the reason that local play cafes have become so popular, especially here in Bristol, is that most parents want to spend their money on food and drink they actually want to eat. When the kids are safely busying themselves with play, it’s one of the rare moments that us parents get a second to ourselves – why ruin it with awful food?!

When you visit our play cafe in Bristol, you’re greeted by a delectable selection of Tiffin sandwiches, toasties and wraps, (and you can read about Tiffin’s sustainability ethos here). We source all of our cakes locally from the fantastic Bristol-based Cakesmiths, and all of our snacks and juices come from brands that we know our customers would choose to feed their kids at home. We cater for most dietary requirements, with gluten-free options and lots of tasty plant-based sandwiches and cakes for our vegan customers!

2. No toxic plastic soft play equipment here

One of our mottos here at WiLD THiNGS is that less plastic definitely doesn’t mean less fun. Plastic might be synonymous with soft play but we made WiLD THiNGS almost plastic-free because we thought that it was time for a change.

Although this means that our take on a “soft play cafe” is a little bit harder, made with wood, wood chips and sand – there is stacks of research to suggest that this is not only more sustainable for the planet, it’s actually a more enriching and beneficial soft play experience for kids. What’s more, while no shared children’s play area will be germ-free, wood is a much more hygienic material than plastic (killing germs in as little as 3 minutes). We also don’t know enough about the chemicals lurking in our children’s plastic toys, let alone soft play stairs and slides and soft climbing blocks.

Sustainable play cafe in Bristol with vegan options

3. Barista coffees and artisan teas

We are proud to be a Bristol play cafe that serves up proper coffees! No parent should have to suffer through another watery coffee at a soft play. We want you to make the most of those precious seconds to yourself and be able to sit and enjoy a delicious barista coffee (be it a latte, cappuccino or flat white) while the kids get stuck into our immersive indoor play area within your eyesight!

Whether you prefer dairy milk or milk alternatives, we’ve got you covered. And if coffee isn’t your thing, we have a (quite frankly) massive selection of TeaPigs tea as well as some deliciously cheeky hot chocolates.

4. We bring outdoor adventure indoors

What really sets WiLD THiNGS apart from other soft play cafes is that we have designed our space to bring outdoor adventure inside.

All children, regardless of where they grow up, deserve to experience nature play. Which is why it’s such a shame that most play available on the high street is generic and plastic. Our indoor play area brings the feeling of wide open spaces to the city, using all-natural materials to create a take on soft play that resembles an outdoor adventure playground.

5. Convenient location for shoppers

The Mall at Cribbs Causeway is a haven for shoppers, with lots of those big name brands that you just don’t see anywhere else – including Harrods Beauty, John Lewis and of course, a big Marks and Spencer which has become a real luxury here in Bristol since the city centre location closed. However, we’re well aware that shopping with kids, especially little ones, can be a slightly more stressful experience. You can find our WiLD THiNGS Play Project play cafe right next to Nando’s on the upper level of the food court, in the perfect location to break up your shopping trip with an hour of guaranteed entertainment for the kids.

6. Let their creativity run WiLD!

In addition to our all-natural indoor play area, we also have a Crafty Corner where kids can have a go at making puppets, masks, medallions and more out of mostly natural materials for a small extra fee. Inquire about our Crafty Corner upon entry and our friendly staff will guide you and your little one through the various crafts available to make that day!

Wild Things Play Project: Reimagining soft play in Cribbs Causeway, Bristol

No need to book - just turn up!

We’re open for Stay-And-Play every day of the week. Come and experience our unique take on a soft play cafe in Bristol. Find us in The Mall at Cribbs Causeway, right next to Nando’s!

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