The Ultimate Guide To Unforgettable Kids Birthday Parties in Bristol


The Ultimate Guide To Unforgettable Kids Birthday Parties in Bristol


Struggling for birthday party ideas for kids in Bristol? Or throwing a kids birthday party for the first time and not sure which venue to choose and what to include? This is the guide for you! We’ve put together the ultimate guide to an unforgettable kids birthday party in Bristol – so all you need to do is follow these 7 simple steps!

How expensive are kids birthday parties? Here's how to set your budget

1. Set your budget!

If you haven’t hosted a kids birthday party before, you might be wondering – how expensive are kids birthday parties? When it comes to how much kids birthday parties cost, there’s a few factors to consider:

  • The price of the venue
  • How many people you plan on inviting
  • Whether you want to have the party catered
  • Any extra money you want to spend on decorations, invitations, entertainment and games.

If you don’t set a budget before you start planning, things can really start to add up. However, you could make your party easier to plan and more budget-friendly by opting for a venue with all-inclusive packages. The venue takes care of the food and entertainment, and you just pay a set price per head. At Wild Things Play Project, we offer all-inclusive kids birthday party packages in Bristol starting at £11.95 per head.

2. Choose a theme

Not all children’s birthday parties have to have a theme, but it certainly helps to make your child’s birthday party more unique and aligned with their interests. Whether they have a particular liking for superheroes, princesses, pirates, unicorns, or a particular TV show like Paw Patrol – setting a theme for their party can be as simple as asking everyone to come in themed outfits or fancy dress. You can then extend the theme to the decorations and balloons you bring to the venue, the party bags, and their birthday cake!

3. Choosing the right kids birthday party venue in Bristol

There’s lots of kids birthday party venues in Bristol, but there’s a few things you will need to consider before finding the right party venue for you.

Of course, your first thought might be to host the party at home. Although it might seem like a more budget-friendly option, it can be surprising how quickly everything adds up when hosting at home – not to mention the post-party clean-up operation that has to take place afterwards! Hosting at home can also make it difficult for you and your family to thoroughly enjoy the celebration, as you’re constantly keeping an eye on all the children, making food and preparing activities. When you hire a venue like Wild Things, all of the party hosting, food, activities (and clean up!) is taken care of for you, so you can focus on making special memories!

Another thing to consider when choosing a kids birthday party venue is what the weather will be like. Outdoor party venues can turn into a disaster in the cooler autumn months, and even in our unpredictable British summers! Opting for an all-weather venue with air conditioning and heating means that all bases are covered, no child is left to feel uncomfortable and no one gets wet if there’s an unexpected bout of rain!

Indoor play areas and soft play parties are an easy go-to for children under 7, but it’s even better if they combine play with an added activity that will keep children entertained. Wild Things offers both stay-and-play indoor play/soft play parties in Bristol, and party packages that combine play with a craft workshop. Kids get to try their hand at making crowns, medallions and more – which also means they’ll have something to take home!

4. Sending out party invitations

We’re sure we could write a whole other blog post about drawing up guest lists for children’s parties! Deciding who gets to come to a kids party can be tricky. It’s usually polite to invite everyone from your child’s class at school so no one feels left out, but budgets don’t always allow for this! Plenty of people have smaller parties with just a handful of friends and family – just opt for whatever is best for you, your budget and the capacity of your chosen venue!

As for the actual invitations – do you go for for physical invitations, e-invites or something more casual? Physical invitations, whether store-bought or designed especially for the occasion, are a nice thing to hand out at school (if the whole class is invited) and a nice keepsake to remember the day. However, e-invites or a casual text, email or message sent to parents saves paper and avoids any of the awkwardness that might occur if you’re having a smaller party.

The last thing to think about when it comes to invites is the information to include. Of course, you’ll want to be sure to include the location, date and time of the party. If you are having a themed party and want children to dress up, make sure you include the dress code clearly in your invitation too. Lastly, include an easy way for parents to RSVP (whether by email or text), and encourage parents to make any special dietary requirements clear so that you can inform the venue or caterers.

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5. Food

Food can be a tricky part of organising kids birthday parties. Children have different special dietary requirements, and not everyone likes to eat the same thing. There’s no doubt that the easiest route to a stress-free party is choosing a venue that takes care of all the food for you. Wild Things provides a nifty lunch bag for each child as part of the price per head, including a sandwich, a muffin, pom bear crisps, fruit and a juice box for everyone. Just call your venue in advance of the party to inform them of any special dietary requirements and they will do their best to cater to them!

Please note: most venues will not provide a birthday cake and candles as part of your kids birthday party package, but they will happily provide a knife and plates!

6. Extras: Party bags, balloons and decorations

Unless you’re hiring a special party planning company to take care of your whole event, it’s likely that your venue won’t organise extras like party bags and balloons. However, you’ll be more than welcome to organise these yourself. These days, party bags aren’t a must for kids birthday parties. If you opt for a workshop and play party here at Wild Things, each child will have made a craft of their own that they can take home as a keepsake along with a slice of cake!

7. Create a checklist for the day

The last thing to take care of before the big day is more of a recommendation than a rule – make a checklist for the day! It’s a sure-fire way to a stress-free day where nothing is forgotten about. Make sure you note down the number of guests, their contact details in case they get lost and need directions, and remember to pack the cake and any decorations you plan on bringing!

Kids birthday parties at Wild Things The ultimate kids party venue in Bristol!

Conveniently located at The Mall, Cribbs Causeway. Wild Things Play Project offers bespoke children’s birthday parties and a range of kids party packages to suit a range of budgets.

Kids get to immerse themselves in our unique all-weather play area – offering a unique, more sustainable take on soft play in Bristol. While our workshop parties also give children the opportunity to get crafty for a couple of hours. Everything is covered, so you can enjoy a stress-free, unforgettable day. It’s the ultimate kids birthday party venue in Bristol!

Explore kids birthday party packages here, or call us on 0117 959 2514 or email to book now. Want to find out more about Wild Things? Read our recent blog about why we’re shaking up soft play, or see our times & prices to plan your visit!

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