Ultimate Guide To Kids Birthday Parties On A Budget


Ultimate Guide: Kids Birthday Parties On A Budget


When it comes to children’s birthdays, it can be hard to balance the pressure to throw them a fun and exciting celebration without also breaking the bank. Anyone that’s organised a kids birthday party before will know just how quickly things start to add up – especially as the guest list gradually grows and you realise just how many kids you’ll have to manage, feed and entertain for an afternoon. Luckily, we’re here to help with some handy tips and even a cheeky little discount to help give your kids the party they deserve!


So, how do you throw a kids birthday party on a budget? The short answer is:

  • Take advantage of off-peak deals at kids birthday party venues (and keep reading for a special WiLD THiNGS discount).
  • Be tactical with who is invited.
  • Plan some DIY party games.
  • Opt for a birthday party venue that has entertainment included.
  • Make your own kids birthday party invitations.
  • Decorate your own kids birthday cake.


1. Take advantage of off-peak deals at kids birthday party venues

Kids birthday party venues are typically the most expensive part of organising a party. However, not many people know that some venues offer discounts on their off peak days and times. This means that if you are open to holding your kids birthday party on a weekday, you might be able to make a significant saving.

This might be particularly appealing to parents of preschoolers, but it’s also worth considering for parents of school-age kids. After school parties can actually be a really convenient option, especially if parents help carpool on the way there.

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2. Keep your guest list small without hurting any feelings

With most kids birthday party venues setting their prices ‘per child’, a long guest list can really start to add up. Keeping numbers down means you can throw a more affordable, and also more manageable party.

While it was once a matter of politeness to invite everyone in your child’s class, in this day and age more parents understand that kids parties can be expensive and it’s becoming more common to hold smaller parties for family and a handful of friends. Of course, it’s still necessary to try and make sure no one’s feelings are hurt at school and invitations should be given out outside of school.

3. Plan DIY party games

Birthday parties are a great opportunity to take a break from screens and enjoy some good old fashioned party games. Do classic games like ‘pass the parcel’ and ‘musical chairs’ ever really get old?! These games along with ‘duck, duck goose’, ‘lucky dip’, ‘musical statues’, ‘what’s the time Mr Wolf’ and ‘stick the tail on the donkey’ are all relatively cost-free and easy for kids to learn and enjoy with a bit of music.

4. Choose a kids birthday party venue with entertainment included

Eradicate the costs of hiring a children’s birthday party entertainer by opting for a party venue that is already entertaining enough! Examples of this include soft play parties where the kids have plenty of fun running around exploring, or crafty activity parties where kids can make something to take home. We offer both of these types of parties in our kids birthday party packages here.

5. Make your own kids birthday party invitations

Any opportunity to save a few pennies can really make a difference, so it might be a good idea to skip the shop-bought invites and go homemade. If you’re good at graphic design, art or calligraphy, why not have a go at making a collection of pretty invites at home? Or get your little ones involved one afternoon to create a selection of crafty invites that you can treasure forever! There’s plenty of ideas over on Pinterest to inspire you.

6. Decorate your own cake

Kids birthday cakes can be pricey, especially if you’re keeping up with the Jones’s and feel the pressure to get one specially made. But guess what? You can make a super-personal and fun cake that they’re going to love at home! If you’re any good at baking, you will of course save some money by making your own cake base (if you’re a less experienced baker, try this easy birthday tray bake recipe). However, you can also get a plain cake from your local bakery or supermarket and go to town with your own icing, chocolate buttons, sprinkles and more!

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