sensory play sessions and classes for sen children in Bristol


NEW: Thursday Sensory Zen Sessions for SEN Children


There’s something new to get excited about at WiLD THiNGS…

Every Thursday from 3pm to 5pm we are now running: Sensory Zen Sessions

A gentle, calm and colourful sensory play session for SEN children. Parent supervision required.

Sessions start this Thursday 20th June and places are FREE when you pay the normal entry fee!

What are the benefits of sensory play?

Sensory play is a key part of how children learn and make sense of the world.

Essentially, sensory play is any type of play that engages the senses – like sight, sound and touch. It’s a vital part of child development that helps them to understand their actions, engage their memory, learn how to hold and use things, and even learn emotional regulation.

Traditional soft play centres can often feel like sensory overload, leaving some children overwhelmed and less likely to reap the rewards of playtime. Our all-natural indoor play area encourages calmer and more mindful play, and this Sensory Zen session is designed to be especially enjoyable for SEN children.

Why is sensory play good for SEN children?

Sensory play is especially beneficial for SEN children (children with special educational needs) as it allows them to develop cognitive, emotional, language and body awareness skills at their own pace. It’s a chance for them to engage in a positive learning experience that is free of pressure and encourages creative exploration!

What's involved?

We’ve invested in a massive range of brand new toys and equipment especially chosen for sensory play for SEN children. There’s pieces that are designed to help develop gross motor skills and hand eye coordination, such as equipment that encourages balance. There’s also lots of colours, textures and sounds that your little ones’s are sure to be excited to get hands-on with!

Join us for Sensory Zen every Thursday 3pm to 5pm! Find us in The Mall at Cribbs Causeway, right next to Nando’s!

No need to book, just turn up!

We’re also open as usual for Stay-And-Play every day of the week. Come and experience our refreshing take on soft play in Bristol and cosy play cafe! Find us in The Mall at Cribbs Causeway, right next to Nando’s!